Hoax Update: Two candidates from Hudson/Kuyper "ballot" contact BAA to withdraw names - candidate claims he was never consulted to be listed on such ballot


Two candidates listed on a hoax meeting notice and ballot have contacted the BAA to officially withdraw from their candidacy from a ballot that was mailed out to the community by Ron Hudson and Bruce Kuyper.  One individual wanted to make it clear that he had not been in contact with Mr. Hudson for several months and that he was not consulted before being listed as a “candidate” on Mr. Hudson’s November 30th ballot.

Dan Love, President of the BAA, wants Bel-Air residents to understand that neither Ron Hudson nor Bruce Kuyper are Board members or Officers of the BAA.  Their meeting notice and ballot is a hoax and a fraudulent attempt to confuse the community -- notice the request they make asks that the paperwork be returned to a private residence and not the Bel-Air Association office at 100 Bel Air Road.

For those of you who are interested in more specific details, listed below are links that will help clarify the situation. 

Letter from BAA to Hudson, Kuyper et. al of December 8th click here.

Letter written to Hudson, Kuyper et. al. of December 9th, click here.

Click here to see Dan Love's letter to the community regarding hoax letter in PDF version.

Letter from Dan Love.jpg