Bel-Air Street Safety Update: LADOT to authorize "No Parking" restriction on Bel-Air Road between Bel-Air Place and Bel-Air Court

Bel-Air now has moved another step forward to safer streets.

Due to numerous resident complaints and requests made by the Bel Air Homeowners Alliance and the Bel-Air Association, the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation LADOT has issued a determination of a “No Parking” restriction for a segment of Bel-Air Road between Bel-Air Place and Bel-Air Court.

The traffic engineering study included an investigation of the physical conditions and existing traffic controls, and field observations of traffic movement. The field observation revealed that width of this segment of Bel-Air Road does not allow for safe and orderly movement of traffic when vehicles are parked on either side of the street.

We continue to push forward.

Click here to see LADOT Determination letter.