Tunneling beneath Bel-Air: Update on METRO’s Sepulveda Transit Corridor Project

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METRO held one of two community meetings regarding the Sepulveda Transit Corridor Project. The meeting is in METRO’s “Feasibility Phase” of the planning process that includes public outreach. METRO presented their “refined concepts" for the system and all four concepts include tunneling beneath Bel-Air to reach stations that are currently planned for the UCLA campus and another in Westwood. This phase is called “Section 3.”

The second meeting will be held on Saturday, February 2, 2019, 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, at the Marvin Braude Constituent Service Center, 6262 Van Nuys Blvd., Van Nuys, CA 91401.

Click here to link to METRO’s powerpoint presentation that was presented last Wednesday, and will again be presented on February 2nd.

Bel-Air residents with concerns about the tunneling should attend these meetings. The next Community Meeting to specifically discuss “Section 3” of the Purple Line will be on March 21, 2019, 6:30 PM - 8 PM, at the Belmont Village Senior Living, 10475 Wilshire Blvd, LA 90024.

For more information, visit this link to METRO’s website on the Sepulveda Corridor Transit Project.

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BAA: A word about private patrol companies in Bel-Air

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It has come to the Bel-Air Association’s attention that there are several private patrol companies soliciting customers in Bel-Air and reports that some of these company’s representatives claim they are endorsed or recommended by the Bel-Air Association.

The Bel-Air Association does NOT endorse any private patrol company and encourages each homeowner to carefully question these security patrol companies before entering into a contract. 

If a resident is told that the BAA recommends a company, please notify the BAA at (310) 474-3527 or email info@belairassociation.org.

For more information on private patrol operators, here is a link to State of California Private Patrol Operator or Qualified Manager Fact Sheet.

As a courtesy, here are a few of the many questions that should be asked when interviewing a private patrol company: Is the company licensed? Do they have a Private Patrol Operator (“PPO”) License? Do they have references? Is the company insured? How does the company monitor its guards? Will you receive a written report on any incident at your property? Does the company have 24-hour emergency communication in place? What is the required training for their patrol personnel?, etc.

For more information from the State of California’s Bureau of Security & Investigative Services, click here.

Judge quashes Mohamed Hadid’s subpoenas of Bel-Air residents

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Late last year, Mohamed Hadid and his legal team served business record subpoenas on a number of Bel-Air residents who have spoken out against his 901 Strada Vecchia development.  

Many of those subpoenaed are considered community leaders and members of the Bel-Air Association.

For more information, link below:

BEVERLY HILLS COURIER’s “Judge Swats Down Hadid’s Attempt To Subpoena Residents Opposing Him” (See First Page and article continues on page 21).

Los Angeles Ethics Commission calls for public input on developer contributions and matching funds - deadline January 31, 2019

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The Los Angeles Ethics Commission will conduct another public discussion and may take action at its meeting on February 19, 2019.  Here is a re-print of the press release for those who want to participate with written input:


The Ethics Commission’s review of developer contributions continues. The commission will conduct another public discussion and may take action at its meeting on February 19, 2019. The discussion will include the campaign activities of developers and non-individuals (entities, such as corporations, LLCs, etc.), including a possible ban on contributions. The discussion will also include potential restrictions on payments made by third parties at the behest of elected officials.

In addition, the February 19 agenda will include further discussion of and possible action on the qualification criteria for the public matching funds program. Modifications to the aggregate contribution thresholds and the debate requirement will be considered.

The Ethics Commission urges interested parties to provide written input regarding these issues. Comments may be emailed to ethics.policy@lacity.org and will be most helpful in shaping recommendations if they are received by January 31, 2019.


The Ethics Commission was created by Los Angeles voters in 1990 to impartially administer and enforce the City’s governmental ethics, campaign financing, and lobbying laws. 

Los Angeles Ethic’s Commission website:


Click here to link to Ethics Commission’s Meetings portal (Note: Agendas are published one week to 72 hours in advance of meeting).