Update: 901 Strada Vecchia - Developer Mohamed Hadid losses another battle in Court

The pretrial hearing on 901 Strada Vecchia and Mohamed Hadid took place on the morning of November 30th in the Van Nuys courthouse. Mohamed Hadid's lawyers argued a motion to sever the trial of Hadid from the trial of 901 Strada Vecchia and its managing member James T. Zelloe. The motion was opposed by the LA City Attorney's Office. Judge Eric Harmon, after citing applicable case law, ruled that he would not permit severance and that all three defendants will be tried together. Mohamed Hadid's attorneys then told the court that they will be filing additional motions and a hearing date was set to hear those motions for January 9th, 2017. The judge stated that following those motions a trial date would be set within 10 days of January 9th, and estimated that the public jury trial would take two weeks. Hadid's new attorney Robert Shapiro was not present for the hearing.

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