Bel-Air's Development Overlay: Important Information

On December 15th the Los Angeles Department of City Planning will hold a public hearing to explain and to gather input for the “Bel-Air Overlay Zone”. Please see the formal and detailed public hearing announcement below. Of course, you are all encouraged to attend and to lend your support to this important step for our residents to self-regulate construction activities in our neighborhood.

Such special rules, tailored for the Bel-Air neighborhood will go a long way to restoring safety and security to our streets and alleviate some of the problems and security hazards associated with excess and abusive development activities in Bel-Air.

Fred Rosen, CEO, of the Bel Air Homeowners Alliance and Dan Love, President of the Bel-Air Association, have focused their efforts over the last two years working with Councilmember Koretz's office and many city officials on developing the key elements of the Bel-Air Overlay Zone. Gaining the Los Angeles City Planning Department’s attention, focus and support to our special overlay rules, and assisting in its development is a big achievement for both the Bel Air Homeowners Alliance and the Bel-Air Association and directly benefits our community. Fred Rosen and Dan Love, through the Alliance and the Association, have already seen to it that we have an Interim Control Order to put a stop to the most egregious digging and hauling by unscrupulous speculators in Bel-Air and we are in full support of the proposed changes to the Baseline Hillside Ordinance.

If you have any questions, please call the BAA office at (310) 474-3527.

Click here for a PDF version of the City’s Public Hearing Notice.