Important Message from the BAA Membership Committee

Dear Residents:

We inadvertently did not include the documents that were distributed at our October 18th community meeting.

Attached please find the Bel-Air Association membership application. We strongly encourage you to join immediately so we may progress as quickly as possible in meeting the needs of our community. Also attached are the "Bel-Air Rules" concerning dirt hauling export in excess of 6,000 cubic yards and an Emergency Contacts list.

Please do not hesitate to contact the office at (310) 474-3527 or


The Bel-Air Association Membership Committee

Gail Sroloff (Board Member and Co-chair)

Paula Rudnick (Member and Co-chair)

Jamie Meyer (Secretary and Board Member)

For BAA Membership Form, click here.

For “Bel-Air Rule” for hauling routes, click here.

For Emergency Contacts, click here.