Despite Strong Opposition from Bel-Air Residents, Zoning Administrator Approves Clarification of "Q" Conditions for Project at 862 Moraga Drive

Despite strong opposition by at least 30 Bel-Air residents at a May 16, 2016 Public Hearing with the Zoning Administrator, the Determination of the Department of City Planning is to approve the requested Clarification of “Q” Condition No. 1 of Ordinance 165,958 allowing a multiple-family development to exceed the 32-foot height limitation by 5 feet, for a total building height of 37 feet, and found that the project is categorically exempt pursuant to Article III, Section 1, Class 32 and Class 4, Category 1 of the CEQA Guidelines.

Last day to Appeal this decision is July 18, 2016.

To see copy of Determination, click here.