Open Communication: A Message from BAA Member Fred Rosen


I would like to inform the community of the following facts:

  1. The Depositions of Bruce Kuyper and Ron Hudson are on the website for everyone to read---you should all take the time to read them because it will give you an understanding and perspective of what the community has endured the last 3 or 4 years. It's clear that Ron Hudson has no understanding of the meaning of conflict of interest or his responsibility as a fiduciary. Mr. Kuyper's depositions are enlightening because it's clear that many of the decisions of the prior board were made unilaterally by him--without consulting the other members. (It's also clear that for the last 5 or 6 years they never had the requisite number of directors called for under the old by-laws--and its subject to interpretation whether their June, 2015 meeting actually accomplished that). In one of his answers, he stated that he solely decided the reasonableness of requests---autocracies do that--so do dictators--but that's not how its supposed to work in a democratic society. These depositions show clearly that both of them were inflicted on the community and continually abused their authority. Furthermore, we discovered on many projects, that Mr. Kuyper would meet with the developers to discuss projects without meeting the neighbors who were most effected---(929 Stone Canyon is a perfect example of that). It defies logic that you can represent the community without talking to those residents who are directly impacted--he sees himself as the sole arbiter and authority on all issues--that's not me talking--read his deposition.

  2. In Mr. Kuyper's reply papers in the pending litigation (which is open to being shared with all who are interested), his attorneys ask that their depositions be removed from the BAA website. These are public documents--they do not want people to read them--because, the only way to put it, is that they are embarrassed by their answers under oath. They have never been a transparent organization and this request is in furtherance of their prior behavior---has anyone in the membership seen a financial statement in the last 8 years? They don't think that you should know the facts--I (we) do.

  3. I (we) have learned thru talking to prior employees and reviewing various documents that Mr. Kuyper's real agenda was to become the paid Executive Director of the BAA---which was to take place after Ms. DuBey's contract expired (at the end of May). Obviously, events have prevented that--which I/we believe is the underlying cause and reason for Mr. Kuyper's lawsuit.

I/we think its important that the community be informed. Let me further state for the record---for those of you who may be confused by some of the events of last few months---the statements above are facts----there is no joy in writing them---all you need to do is drive around our community to see how it has been abused and negatively impacted. The end game is to balance the safety and security of the residents with responsible development. Its going to take a long time and hard work by many people in the community to accomplish that--after years of neglect and ineptness by the prior Officers and Boards of the BAA---but its a result worth striving to achieve. It's my understanding that the newly elected Board of the BAA wants to emphasize inclusiveness--by increasing members involvement and obtaining their participation to solve the problems we face together. Their goal is for all of you to participate and have an active role in neighborhood issues---the total opposite of the old Board. Those are goals worth reaching.

Fredric D. Rosen---BAA Member

Keeping the Community Informed: The Depositions of Ron Hudson and Bruce Kuyper