Welcome to the Official Bel-Air Association

Dear Bel-Air Association Members and Prospective Members,

As you know, at the Bel-Air Association March 17th Special Members' Meeting resulted in the election of a new group of Directors. The new Directors include: Marcia Hobbs (Association Chair); Dan Love (President & acting Treasurer); Maureen Levinson (Vice President); Jamie Meyer (Secretary); James Hyman, Steven Myers, Tawny Sanders, Gail Sroloff, and Sopavan (Nook) Suphamongkhon.

We have already started revitalizing the Bel-Air Association. Community involvement is essential. For those of you who have not joined the Bel-Air Association and wish to join us, please go to http://www.belairassociation.org and click on "membership."  If more convenient, please come by the office with your check in the amount of $350 made payable to the "Bel Air Association" and mail/hand deliver to the Bel-Air Association at 100 Bel Air Road, Los Angeles, CA 90077.

The Bel-Air Association is committed to aggressively representing the community in dealing with out of control construction and land use issues. While these efforts will require significant time and resources, we will not neglect other community needs! To be the Bel-Air we can be most proud of we need your participation. We are actively seeking member volunteers on the following committees:

1.  Planning & Land Use

2.  Bel Air Beautification & Maintenance

3.  Neighborhood Watch and Preparedness

4.  Wildlife Watch Program

5.  Membership/Community Involvement

Please contact the Bel-Air Association at info@belairassociation.org or call at 310-474-3527 to let us know which committee that you would like to participate and/or any suggestions for additional committees.

We have created new website at  http://www.belairassociation.org/.  On the website, you will find current information, Board Member biographies, the new bylaws, links to report violations and other informative information. You may also call the Bel Air Association at 310-474-3527 at any time Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm, or send us a message by clicking on “Send Us a Message” button.


The Bel-Air Association Board Members