Two Motions Regulating Tour Buses Pass City Council

Tour buses.jpg

Los Angeles -- Today, City Council unanimously passed two motions regulating the tour bus industry in the City of Los Angeles. These motions, introduced in September by Councilmember Ryu after California Governor Jerry Brown signed AB25 (Nazarian), prohibit the use of loudspeakers or public address systems on tour buses that have had their roofs substantially modified or removed, and instruct the Los Angeles Department of Transportation to identify streets that are unsafe for tour buses to travel on.

Both motions were introduced on September 29th of this year. The audio regulation motion instructs the City Attorney to create an ordinance that prohibits loud speakers on uncovered tour buses, and instead requires the use of headphones or similar devices. The route restriction motion instructs the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, with the assistance of the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles Fire Department, to report back in 60 days with a list of streets that are unsafe for these tour buses to operate on.

Read the motions by clicking here.