Bel-Air residents file lawsuit against Mohamed Hadid and the City of Los Angeles: Suing City to enforce its own 2015 order that directed Hadid to demolish it

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The lawsuit details the extraordinary danger posed by the still-unfinished project, which has already triggered multiple landslides and mudslides onto the property of neighbors downslope as well as Hadid's audacious efforts to conceal his work from City Inspectors.  The lawsuit calls on the City to enforce its own previous order from April 2015 requiring the project's demolition to restore the safety of the neighborhood.

There has been a lot of news coverage on this lawsuit.  The BAA has provided links to a few of them below, including he BEVERLY HILLS COURIER link to the Zoning Administrator Hearing on this project that was held on Thursday:

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BEVERLY HILLS COURIER - PAGE 19 -- "Zoning Administrator Hears Bel-Air Residents' Strada Vecchia Appeal"